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Then add some openssl key authentication and you've got a cfengine-lite. Chef vs. In-House-Fu - and that puppet is no longer under consideration. Anyway despite having taken months to arrive at this point I'm going to continue to punt.

Instead my plan is to move toward using LDAP for all user management, login stuff, and sudo management. That will be useful in its own right, and it will coincidentally mean that whatever management system we do end up using will have on less task to deal with. Which AMD & ATI ION603 only be a good thing.

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Terminator II Steve Kemp: Packard Bell OneTwo all-in-one with touch screen I ve just bought a Packard Bell OneTwo Ma Euros all-in-one computer with a 20 multipoint touch screen there are bigger models with 23 touch screen, wifi and some other options. So far, I think this machine is just perfect for the job. Getting it to run smoothly under Linux is not a AMD & ATI ION603 in the park, however.


There are some quirks and some assembly is AMD & ATI ION603, but once you re done that takes a couple of hours at most once you ve got all the info, which you have if you re reading this this machine is just great. It s fast, with a 2. The screen is nice, and the touchscreen is incredibly smooth, precise and sensitive. The sound is good, the webcam is great and it works out AMD & ATI ION603 the box, too! By default, the machine ships with only 64 MB allocated to the GPU, which is low and ridiculous considering it is equipped with 4 GB Installing Debian Forget about installing Lenny with debian-installer on this machine. The standard installer with its 2. Upgraded installer images with 2.

Bug # “AutoConfigure support for older Geodes” : Bugs : xorg-server package : Ubuntu

Your best friend: System Rescue CD. Your other best friend: Before rebooting, install the 2. It works like a charm, even if the 2. Go figure: While you re AMD & ATI ION603 it, install X from Testing. You need a recent enough version of the intel driver that will support the GM45 chip. Configuring X This is the first and the biggest quirk on this machine.

The native resolution on AMD & ATI ION603 model is only advertised on the LVDS output. While fiddling with X, it becomes obvious that the VGA output is used as the boot video device. If you disable the output in X with xrandr, you loose the text consoles. My un? I may be wrong, but that s pretty much the only thing that makes sense to me. If you want X to work properly, you ll have to tell it to ignore the VGA output entirely. It isn t pretty, it s plain silly and we want those 20 used fully, dammit! See the full xorg. Touch screen The touch screen is an infrared multipoint touch screen from Quanta. No kernel driver is needed, only an input driver for X is required.


Start by adding an udev rule like this one: The aim of the patch is to ignore anything but the first reported pressure point. The touch screen is a multipoint touch screen and as such can report 2 or 3 not sure pressure points at the same time. The driver can t handle that yet.

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The patch also fixes a bad comment and an API difference with newer X versions. Build and install the driver, then edit xorg. Working touch screen! If you re looking for a 20 touch screen, go for it; at Euros it s a good deal. Line out and the integrated microphone do not work. Webcam The webcam is a UVC webcam and the image quality is stunning. AMD & ATI ION603 m seriously considering stealing that webcam to replace the iSight in my MacBook Pro.

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