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Then I compared with the X1 and Vorzuge combo and here I was struggling to tell the difference.

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To me this speaks volumes about the ability of the Vorzuge. So, in terms of the sound: I would say that it sounds very natural and smooth, there is no digital harshness that would sometimes be apparent on the X1 or DX50 unamped.

Everything just sounds right and it is really easy to listen to. The bass is weighty and impactful, but not overblown bassheads hit up the BBE Mach3bass setting, oof! Vocals are clear, treble is nicely balanced and I have not noticed any sibilance.

Technical Details

Soundstage has good width and depth. To me, it is clear that Cowon have focussed their all in making the P1 sound good — and it shows. My only real complaint is that the menu icons are a bit on the small side, and packed too tightly together. This makes it slightly more difficult for us big and tall users to catch the right Cowon PLENUE 1 Player on the first try. Customization is provided allowing for different looks to the main playback screen. As for sound tweaking options, Cowon gives Cowon PLENUE 1 Player their JetEffect7 engine which is fairly robust. There's an effective 10 band EQ, simulated surround and other processing enhancements, bass boost, etc. It works better than most, though honestly I generally leave these things turned off when I'm not testing them out for a review.


Cowon doesn't give any wireless connectivity at all, so no WiFi or Bluetooth here. Also missing is what we'll call a "true" line-out connection. Cowon recommends just using the headphone jack and turning volume up to full blast.

This results in adequate output levels, though an argument can be made that it's not as transparent as a dedicated signal path would be. If it's not, there had better be a proper way of accessing that signal.

Fortunately for Cowon I think this device falls into the former category. Battery This end up being pretty standard at about 9 hours, give or take. Nothing exceptional by any Cowon PLENUE 1 Player, but enough to not stand out as being sub-par in the category of high-end players.


I've decided that 7 hours is my minimum and anything less is unacceptable. Perhaps I arrived at that conclusion based on a theoretical 1 hour worth of listening per Cowon PLENUE 1 Player I'm actually not sure why I settled on that exact number. Whatever the case, the Plenue passes that test pretty comfortably, though as always I would have loved to see significantly more time available.

It offers a premium build, excellent sound and compatibility with almost any file you want to play on it. It's Cowon PLENUE 1 Player capable of driving all but the most obscure headphones to satisfying levels of loudness. Only its lack of wireless connectivity, relatively poor battery life and inability to load third-party apps stand as disadvantages compared to the more expensive Sony ZX2. However if you're just looking for a device that does one thing -- play music well -- then the Cowon Plenue 1 is an excellent option. Those that use Smartphones for their regular music fix are in for a treat when they listen to the P1.

A Survey of Digital Audio Players Part 3 Cowon Plenue 1 InnerFidelity

Compared to even the best of that breed the Cowon is in a different league when it comes to sound quality, as well it should be considering the price. Yes, there is a touch of excess richness, and perhaps it could do with a degree of extra grip, but neither of these go far enough to be an issue for us. Cowon PLENUE 1 Player

Instead we wallow in the authority of the presentation and the pleasing warmth the rich bass helps to impart. This is a relatively sparse Cowon PLENUE 1 Player yet it still needs a firm organising hand as the string-led instrumental backdrop can easily veer towards hardness and confusion.

: COWON JAPAN Hires Player PLENUE 1 PG-BK from Import JPN: Electronics

The P1 does this superbly. PLENUE 1 is proud to introduce the best performance figures for listening HD sound. It has the highest performance figures even among first-tier devices in the. Astell&Kern AK70 MKII Portable High Resolution Audio Player, Cadet Blue. Cowon Plenue D High Resolution Music Player 32GB (Gold/Black) COWON Cowon PLENUE 1 Player R Hi-Fi HD Sound Music Player GB Polaris Silver w/Bluetooth.

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