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Place the switcher base up on a flat surface. Place the mounting plate flat on the switcher base with the plate tabs raised section up over the edge of the front panel. Align the two mounting holes in the switcher base with the corresponding holes on the mounting plate.

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Secure the switcher mounting plate with switcher attached to the base plate by sliding the two tabs into the slots at the bottom edge of the base plate. PoleVault Digital Systems feature network integration technology Advanced Source Switching specifically engineered to meet the needs of professional AV A unique modular approach to system design gives PoleVault environments. Network integration enables administrators and Digital Systems the flexibility to support both HDMI and VGA video support personnel to manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and control sources.

The PVS D switcher Extron PVS 405D Digital Switcher the heart of these systems does systems over the network. The PVS D switcher incorporates all the work of routing audio, video, and network signals. It offers a three port Ethernet switch which allows two devices within the two inputs for the wallplates and one switched audio input. This classroom to share a single network drop. PoleVault Digital Benefits management, monitoring, and usage reporting of classroom AV systems over the network. Administrators can limit classroom system availability and create detailed shut-off schedules. This prevents unauthorized use, reduces operating costs, and extends the life of system components.

Extron PoleVault Classroom

Management reports can be used to maintain inventory lists, track and analyze device and room usage, and proactively plan maintenance activities to reduce system downtime. Remote management provides real-time status for all connected devices for better troubleshooting response with a small support staff. All four system types offer secure mounting for critical AV system equipment. Digital PoleVault Systems securely mount and conceal system components above the projector.


A projector drop ceiling mount is included with an adjustable pole and universal projector bracket. Options are available with or without projector mounting hardware. Digital WallVault Wall Mount Systems also Extron PVS 405D Digital Switcher and mount system components on the wall, but are designed for classrooms with a flat panel display or wall mounted projector.

It provides school or district-wide GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite is a complete solution for unifying all campus audio systems under an easy-to-use interface. The suite leverages the power of your existing network to provide bells, public address announcements, and intercom communications throughout the campus.

The user interface is Webbased and allows office personnel to easily manage bell schedules, broadcast announcements to various zones, or have two-way conversations with classrooms. The program provides increased visibility and extending the life of system components. Studies show that use of a sound field system results in increased student achievement and a reduction in teacher health classrooms with advanced audio video solutions at no cost to the district.


Each grant award also includes installation of Extron classroom system technology, along with complete training. For more information, or to apply for the program, contact the K Education Support Team, or visit our web site at www. These agreements The handheld microphone is ideal for student provide not to exceed pricing for schools, libraries, government, and use, team teaching, or guest speakers. By centralizing the process, these agreements save you time and money. Extron does not sell directly Instant Alert The Instant Alert capability of Extron VoiceLift Microphone provides instructors a Extron PVS 405D Digital Switcher and discreet way to signal for assistance in the event of an emergency in the classroom.

Simply press and hold to end users, but contract pricing is available through our Authorized Resellers. This instructs an Ethernet-enabled MediaLink controller to Standard PoleVault Digital Systems were developed to reflect notify school administration officials or campus authorities via e-mail the most common classroom AV requirements and are offered or text message.

Extron Electronics PVS 405D User Manual

For example, four input systems In addition to text indicating that assistance is needed, Extron PVS 405D Digital Switcher Alert and the Classroom AV System can be integrated with an IP camera surveillance system to provide both visual and audio feedback from the classroom. This extra layer of security allows officials to view and listen to activities in the classroom when and Instant Alert is triggered, allowing them to determine the best course of action such as summoning police or medical personnel, or starting lock down accept three HDMI signals and one high resolution computer-video signal. But this is just a start, as these systems are designed to be configurable. Our online Classroom AV System Builder allows users to customize a system to meet the specific requirements of the classroom.

When system customization is complete, the System Builder will generate a single part number, making it easy to specify and order each custom system. This means we will work diligently to resolve any issue you have with your purchase until you are Extron PVS 405D Digital Switcher satisfied.

Our dedicated K Education Support Team will contact you after installation to ensure your satisfaction and that systems are being used to their full potential. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to make certain that the entire process of doing business with us is a positive and professionally rewarding experience for you.


A projector drop ceiling mount is included with adjustable pole and universal projector bracket. From the Tools menu, select Update Firmware. Firmware can only be updated via the front panel USB connection.


If you are already connected to the device an Update Firmware dialog box opens, requesting disconnection. If you are not connected to the Extron PVS 405D Digital Switcher, the Update Firmware submenu is not available. A separate window opens and the details of the device and current installed firmware is acquired. The Extron® PVS D is a five input, one HDMI output switcher with a built-in audio amplifier and a 3-port Ethernet switch.

It is part of the PoleVault®. the PVS D or the PoleVault switcher or just the switcher. The PVS D switcher is used conjunction with the Extron digital PVT wall plates, (such.

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