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Using an incorrect cable can result in drives that are not detected.

The appropriate cables are included with your controller. If you must replace a cable, see the list of available cables and associated part numbers at http: Figure 7. Figure 8. For a list of supported motherboards, access the LSI website at: Enclosure Requirements In order to attach more than four drives per connector, enclosures with expanders are required. For LSI 9750-16i4e 3ware SAS list of supported chassis and enclosures, access the LSI website at: Other Requirements Adequate air flow and cooling Adequate power supply for drives 3DM2 3ware Disk Manager 2LSI 9750-16i4e 3ware SAS browser-based application used to configure and maintain RAID units, is compatibile with but not required one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer current version www.


JavaScript must be enabled Cookies must be enabled LSI 9750-16i4e 3ware SAS best viewing, screen resolution should be x or greater, with bit color or greater. Safety Information To reduce the risk of bodily injury, electrical shock, fire, and equipment damage, read this information and observe all warnings and precautions in this guide before installing or maintaining your computer. The 3ware RAID controller card should be installed by technically qualified persons.

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If you are uncomfortable opening a computer system and conforming to standard ESD electrostatic discharge practices, you should have a computer technician perform the installation. Site Selection The product is designed to operate as a component to a computer system. The environment that is provided for the system must be: Clean, dry, and free of airborne particles other than normal room dust. Well-ventilated and away from sources of heat including direct LSI 9750-16i4e 3ware SAS and radiators. Away from sources of vibration or physical shock. Isolated from strong electromagnetic fields produced by electrical devices. Provided with a properly grounded wall outlet. We recommend you plug your system into a surge suppressor or UPS uninterruptible power supply and during LSI 9750-16i4e 3ware SAS electrical storm, we recommend disconnecting all phone, network, and power cables.

High voltages may be found inside computer equipment.


Before installing any of LSI 9750-16i4e 3ware SAS hardware in this package or removing the protective covers of any computer equipment, turn off power switches and disconnect power cords. Do not reconnect the power cords until the hardware is installed and the system cover is closed.


Replacing the heat sink alters the thermal characteristics and cooling requirements and may cause the controller to fail. Replacing the factory-installed heat sink voids the warranty. Back up your data! Creating or deleting disk arrays destroys existing files on the member drives.

If your LSI 9750-16i4e 3ware SAS contain valuable data, back them up and save the data elsewhere before attaching the drives to the controller. When your computer case is open and its internal parts are exposed, do not touch any internal part unnecessarily. Handle the 3ware RAID controller card by its edges or by the metal bracket.

UPC - LSI Logic 3ware i4e port SAS RAID Controller

Do not touch any pin, contact, lead or component on the 3ware RAID controller card. The on-board heat sink collects heat, and must have adequate airflow in order to disburse it. It is important that the cables do not obstruct the air flow or prevent proper ventilation of the system. Do not operate the controller card with system cover removed, as this may disrupt proper airflow. If you are installing a with a BBU battery backup unitit is important to install the LSI 9750-16i4e 3ware SAS away from components that generate the most heat in the system, such as the graphics card. If you are installing two 3ware RAID controller cards with BBUs in the same system, it is recommended to not install them next to each other. Selecting the Slot in Which to Install the Controller Card Consider these factors when deciding on the slot in which to insert the controller: Doing so could potentially damage the board or the system, and void the warranty.

PC users some low-cost motherboards have a single PCI Express slot which is reserved for a video card. If there is an extra open PCI Express x8 or x16 slot in your computer, install the controller card next to it to provide additional ventilation for the controller. Cable routing may be easier if you install the 3ware RAID controller card next to an open slot.

3ware SAS 9750-16i4e - storage controller (RAID) - SATA 6Gb/s / SAS 6Gb/s - PCIe 2.0 x8

Excessive force can damage the board or your system. LSI Logic SAS e SGL LSI LSI MegaRAID SAS i 4-Port 6Gb/s Internal PCI-Express SGL RAID Adapter. 3ware Sas I4E 16INT 4EXT 6GB Sata+sas MB. LSI™ 3ware® SATA+SAS RAID. Controller Card.

Supports the Family. Models i, i, i4e. e, i4e, and. i4e.

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