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It is these laptops that make a style statement. We categorised the laptops as ultra-portables and workhorses based on their screen size and weight. The ultra-portable category comprised laptops that had a diagonal MSI M630 Wireless LAN size below 14 inches and weighed less than two kg-in other words, small form factor laptops.


MSI M630 Wireless LAN the 19 laptops we received, eight of them, from six manufacturers, made it to this category. Features The Processor Most laptops in this category were based on Intel Centrino technology, which means they sported Intel Pentium M processors, included Intel boards, and had Intel The Display Almost all these laptops featured a MSI M630 Wireless LAN The widescreen aspect ratio was common, with the exception of Fujitsu LBS whose display had a regular 4: In native display resolutions too, the LBS lagged behind at xwhere the others supported either x or x Every laptop had a FireWire port for high-speed video capture from supported devices. The serial and parallel ports are now obsolete. All the laptops were WiFi-conformant with the b g high-speed standard. A 56 Kbps modem was standard on all laptops. Multimedia Needless to mention, a microphone-in and headphone-out were available on all the laptops.

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Multimedia and memory card reading capability was available at least in some capacity on most of laptops. The Dell supported only two formats: Other features The Fujitsu laptops boasted the highest-capacity hard drives GB. MSI's laptops had the lowest-capacity hard drives of 40 GB. Though these are OK for office work, they MSI M630 Wireless LAN just plain bad as far as even moderate gaming is concerned. It blazed ahead of the competition in the gaming tests.


An integrated optical drive, too, was featured in most of the laptops. Although the Fujitsu LBP was the smallest laptop, the optical drive was integrated into the unit. Some laptops like the Fujitsu even featured fingerprint recognition. An external button to turn Wi-Fi off and on was also available in many of the laptops. The Fujitsu LBP is still the winner in this aspect due to the fact that it has an integrated optical drive where the others have external drives. But when the carry weight was noted, the Fujitsu LBP again weighed the lowest at 1. Ergonomics The 'accessibility of ports' rating for all the laptops was almost the same MSI M630 Wireless LAN all the vendors have taken care to place the ports in an MSI M630 Wireless LAN manner.

In the keyboard feel and touchpad sensitivity ratings, both Fujitsu laptops along with the Sony VAIO surged ahead of the rest, but the others were not far behind either. The smaller laptops could not score high because of the crammed keyboard and touchpad. How We Tested Here's a description of the tests and benchmarks we used to compare the laptops. MSI M630 Wireless LAN features, if present, were also noted. Weightages were assigned to the noted features according to their importance.

MSI network/wifi Drivers needed.

Usability The usability of a laptop is evaluated on the basis of how easy it is to handle in day-to-day life. Importance was given to weight and dimensions, as well as the ergonomics of the keyboard, touchpad, etc. We played music files to rate the speakers on a scale of five. Package contents Did the vendor provide an operating system, recovery CD and driver CDs with the laptop? We also looked at the extra software provided, as well as MSI M630 Wireless LAN accessories-power adapter, carry case, etc. Performance To gauge performance, we ran a battery of tests that evaluated each individual MSI M630 Wireless LAN.

We used all the following benchmarking suites: It returns an aggregated score as well as individual scores by running applications used MSI M630 Wireless LAN daily work such as file encryption applications, virus scanning MSI M630 Wireless LAN and so on. We used it to evaluate the performance of the CPU, memory and hard disk. The scores for the individual sub-systems were noted. Free Download MSI M Wireless LAN Driver (Network Card). Professional Series Laptops M Audio; LAN; Wireless LAN; USB port; Mic-in/Headphone-out; Modem port; AC Adapter; Battery; Dimension; Weight (KG).

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