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I discharged it through a 10K resistor, so it couldn't bite! Let's play a Acer AL1716 of "spot the duff capacitor" Plenty to start with! Including this one, whose top was fine, but had let go at Acer AL1716 bottom!

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I decided to change all the red coloured electrolytics. The repaired PCB, and the guilty parties! Bingo, another saved from landfill Now to change this hard drive!

Posted by. Remove the plastic cover at the top of the stand by gently squeezing the top and bottom of each side as shown in figure 2 belowand it should separate from the back of Acer AL1716 screen.

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After working around the entire screen levering it off, the rear cover can be removed. The next few photos provide details on removing the PCBs from Acer AL1716 main frame.

Lift one side of each piece of yellow tape holding the cable Acer AL1716 the main frame, and remove the cable from underneath the tape. To ensure you Acer AL1716 these cables correctly, make a note of the order of the cables. First lift the black tape and yellow tape to expose the connector, and then lever the connector out of the socket when squeezing the sides of the connector inward.


Use pliers to remove the two lugs holding the VGA connector to the metal assembly. Remove the seven screws circled in figure 10 below that attach the PCBs to the metal assembly. The two PCBs are attached via a 6-pin connector circled in figure 11 belowAcer AL1716 can easily be separated.

ACER AL1716 DRIVERS (2019)

The Culprits Here's a couple of photos figure 13 and 14 showing the electrolytic Acer AL1716 with bulging tops. Replacing the faulty capacitors in an Acer AL can be done in less than an hour.

However, I soon found out why they were being discarded, as they were not working at all. After applying power, the power LED flashes green, Acer AL1716 nothing was displayed on the screen. Both screens were exhibiting identical symptoms.

Diagnosis Some googling quickly turned up stories of other people experiencing the same symptoms with this particular model LCD screen, but finding a solution took a little more digging. I found this discussion threadwhere someone confirmed that the issue is caused by failing capacitors in the power circuitry, and they provided a brief overview of Acer AL1716 steps required to replace the capacitors. Capacitor Issues Failing electrolytic capacitors in electronics are not uncommon, and is caused by companies using incorrect electrolyte formula in the capacitors Acer AL1716 and Production of hydrogen gas in the capacitors causes bulging or deformation of the capacitors, and in some cases, can cause the capacitors to explode.


The capacitor plague as it is sometimes called affects many electronics, including computer motherboards, video cards, LCDs and other devices. In many cases, electronic devices affected by the capacitor plague can be repaired by simply replacing the faulty capacitors. Acer AL - LCD monitor - 17" overview and full product specs on CNET. Acer AL1716 AL Acer AL1716 - LCD monitor - 17" overview and full product specs on CNET.

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