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While their last match got a bit testy this one is sure to be that and more considering the incident that took place on Takedown. Commentary speculate that Tatanka might be willing to play harder tonight having been pushed.

Wes sneers at the booing fans before taking his leather vest off and whipping Tatanka with it a few times and finally kicking him in the ribs. Doctors and officials seperate the two Philips SA211537 MP3 Player wes backs off towards the ring with a smile on his face. He rolls into the ring with both and sets in the chair leaning back and letting the headdress hang from his hand as he looks on at the scene still grinning. Tatanka is being helped up now and sees this sight.

The officials catch this and tell him no but he just pushes himself out of their grasps and starts towards the ring with a wobble. Wes pounces from his seat and catches him in a facelock before laying in some hard clubs to the neck and some punches from underneath, putting Tatanka Philips SA211537 MP3 Player again. Despite the referee having to break this up Tatanka still says he wants to go when asked. The bell is reluctantly rung and the bout is on.

Philips Audio Player SA2101 User Manual

Tatanka and Wes go straight at each other. Tatanka swings for a punch but Wes ducks under it. He swings back round quickly but again Wes ducks it and again on a third try.

After the third dodge Wes throws his own punch, following it up with another, looking to rock Tatanka early on but Philips SA211537 MP3 Player just suddenly swings back hard staggering Wes then hits him again before driving him into a corner with punches. The official breaks it up with Tatanka willingly going with the rules. He grabs an arm and whips Wes across but Wes turns it and send him across into the buckles.

Philips GoGear SA2115 White ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player

He gets back up again only to get planted with a scoop slam that leads into a big legdrop that earns Tatanka a good two count. He runs Tatanka into the ropes but Tatanka fights the roll back so Wes has to jerk him to the side and throw Philips SA211537 MP3 Player on his hands and knees instead.

He drags Tatanka up to his feet and lays in a punch before going back behind and taking Tatanka up and then down with a back suplex. A pin follows getting a two count. Tatanka ducks a clothesline and hits the ropes, coming back to flatten Wes with a big shoulder block. Wes gets back and runs right into a Tomahawk Chop that makes him falter to aknee for Philips SA211537 MP3 Player second before getting up and swinging back with a punch.


Tatanka goes into a cover and almost gets a three count. Tatanka is feeling it and begins dancing around Wes. Wes staggers up and gets cut down with a chop and the same thing happens twice more before Tatanka plants him with Philips SA211537 MP3 Player scoop slam He drops into a pin and nearly gets a three. When Brisco gets to Philips SA211537 MP3 Player feet Tatanka jumps but Wes just dodges the chop to get behins Tatanka. Tatanka quickly gets back to his feet after catching himself but Wes grabs him almost for a backdrop and just throws him into the corner behind them.

Brisco floats over into the pin and almost picks up the win. Wes has Tatanka by the legs and is obviously looking for a hold but the Native American legend is fighting it, trying to power Wes off him. Brisco briefly changes Tactics to pop Tatanka in the face a few times from above to make this easier. Tatanka is fighting again though not letting Wes get his legs crossed and after a few seconds of Wes trying to cross them Tatanka gets the top one free from his grasp and shin kicks Brisco in the face. Brisco falls back and kicks Tatanka away while holding his mouth.


Both men get back to their feet and Tatanka crushes in closing the distance going for a grab but Wes gets behind him and shoves him chest first into the corner. Tatanka makes it to his knee and Wes starts cussing him before slapping the hell out of him, knocking him back down. Philips SA211537 MP3 Player slings Tatankaround for the move but Tatanka lands on his feet and stands Wes up straight before slapping him straight Philips SA211537 MP3 Player the face even harder. Wes backs away a bit holding his face again before swinging for a clothesline. Tatanka ducks this and when Wes turns back for another attack Tatanka takes him over with a huge powerslam that goes into a pin.

Инструкции обслуживания Плеер MP3 Philips - SafeManuals

Wes is kicking his legs like crazy but his shoulder only comes up right after the three count meaning Tatanka is the winner! Wes is livid, arguing Philips SA211537 MP3 Player the official through his own hands over his mouth as Tatanka celebrates.


Philips SA211537 MP3 Player Wes eventually rolls from the ring and Tatanka watches him stagger up the ramp Philips SA211537 MP3 Player the back. Speaking of Charlotte, it is she, not Mickie or Mia, who makes her way out first. Wearing a leather jacket, blue QCW T-shirt and black pants with her championship over her shoulder she makes her way down to commentary with the presence of a Queen. Robust and portable 1 gb mp3 player with built-in fm radio Supports mp3, wav, and wma playback; Speedy usb connectivity no cables or software needed. Enjoy your MP3 and WMA music on the move with the Philips SA With direct USB for fast and easy music and data transfer.

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