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This middle category is blurring badly into the upper one, though.

It powers, for instance, the Diamond Viper V I review here. It's capable of playing all current 3D games at more than acceptable speed and resolution Quake 2 is smooth as silk in by16 bit colour, on a plain TNT driven by any better-thanMHz processorand it'll continue to give a good account of itself as software demands rise. Unless a TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics product has performance proportional to its TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics, relative to cut price older model supercards like TNTs, it becomes a rather unattractive proposition. Meanwhile, anyone who cares about 3D performance, or wants to run a huge monitor, will be happy to save up a few more bucks for a lot more performance.


But there's not a 3D-capable card on the market that doesn't come with a page of buzzwords about its back face and slope calculation and its triangle setup engine and its hardware assisted MPEG-II playback. A card can have all of the stuff it needs to draw frames in a 3D game TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics look as pretty as those drawn by a cutting-edge card - the passes the test here; its 3D image quality is fine - but unless it can paint enough of those pretty frames per second, it won't be worth buying. What you get In the 's box there's the card itself an unremarkable looking slimline AGP boardthe main software CD, and a very skinny getting-started guide.

There's a proper manual on the CD. You also get a demo copy of the quiz game You Don't Know Jack 2, which is fun until you become familiar with the mere 42 questions it includes TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics half of which are from the Sports edition, which is frequently incomprehensible to those of us who come from countries where gridiron and baseball aren't prime time fare. This is clearly the free Sega 3D bundle-in game that Jaton's presently sticking on every disc it stamps - it used to be Virtua Fighter 2.

Trident BLADE 3D 9880 (Windows 95/98)

Touring Car Championship doesn't actually appear to support 3D acceleration at all, though. So it's definitely worth what you pay for it. Yes, folks, you will need an AGP slot, not to mention an AGP-aware operating system like the final version of Windows 95, or any TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics of I yanked my old AGP graphics card, popped the Jaton in, turned the computer back on and told it where to find the drivers on the included CD.

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If you're upgrading from a PCI graphics card you may need to change to the standard Windows VGA driver in order to effect the changeover without TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics to deal with Safe Mode restarts. The CD comes with drivers for Windows 95 and 98, not to mention drivers for pretty much every other graphics card Jaton currently make.


But, I'm afraid, the drivers suck. Though not for 2D graphics. The VideoAGP will cheerfully pump out by in 16 bit colour, although only at a 60Hz refresh rate. It can manage a more than acceptable 85Hz in TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics more generally useful by - which is the highest resolution you can clearly display on the average 19 inch monitor, anyway.

VGA Legacy MKIII - Trident Blade 3D

But for 3D, the standard drivers leave a lot to be desired. You can't select it. There's an undocumented "OpenGL" subdirectory in the 's directory on the software CD, which contains an alternative Windows driver which, I hoped, would let me play my beloved Quake 2. Nope; this driver's clearly TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics for a reason.


It doesn't do OpenGL or 2D properly. It crashed all over the place for OpenGL when I tried it, and all sorts of amusing screen-drawing errors happened in Windows.

I didn't bother trying Direct3D. There is but one improvement: Other than that even this 3D Image was great troll among 3d accelerators.

Blade 3D 9880 Trident Blade 3D 9880 AGP 2X 3.3V 4MB VGA

My condolences to every gamer who owned this gem. I found another volatility: What you see on the first picture are horrible texture combine artifacts at default setting.

So you've got a $10 bill in your wallet, and you walk into a store looking to buy a T-shirt. An eager salesman approaches you and directs you. graphic cards since !

Trident Blade 3D Jaton VideoPCI-3D Made by: Trident; Codename: ; Bus: PCI, AGP 2x; Memory.

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